Country Paradise Parklands offers a wide and expanding range of facilities and services to the wider community. It is currently the home base for a number of proactive community groups and within its 13 hectare boundary are also a number of indoor and outdoor venues to suit all tastes which can accommodate from a few to hundreds of people with on site parking available. Whether you are planning a small gathering for a meeting or a major event, support your local community group and consider Country Paradise Parklands as the venue.

NB: The area marked "8" in the location plan below is the site of the new playground constructed by the City Council and now open to the public. What was the coffee outlet marked "7" is now the new "Playhouse" venue for suitable mixed activity hire. Two new spaces in the Reception building have now been made available for meeting rooms marked numbers 9 and 10 below. The Rotunda roof section has been moved to the Eastern side of the oval for the time being. Area marked 'P' is the latest car park section at the Western end of the oval.