The Nerang Country Paradise Association thanks you for your interest in planning
a visit and/or an event or activity
at one of our special park venues.

All gatherings are required to complete a booking enquiry to  obtain the
appropriate permissions & please note that all park bookings
have a lead time for approval.
Park Rules apply in ALL instances!
Use our Contact form for any questions.

For the Adventure Playground use this LINK.

Venue Booking Enquiry:

NB: All fields with a red asterisk must be completed otherwise the Form will not submit!

Day/Month/Year - Time

Applicant Details:

Mailing address if applicable.
City - State - Postcode.

Park terms & conditions:
Please select the next "link" to check out Council's Terms and Conditions
all Council Parks in the City-

Hire Conditions.

NB: If applicable - when approval is received from the Council it is a further
Condition of this Application that you inform the Park Management Committee
no later than five (5) working days prior to the start of the Event/Activity.

ATTACH a digital copy of your Event/Activity Public Liability Insurance
Certificate in either jpg, png or pdf format [along with other document
copies that may be required] using the upload link below!

Event/Activity CPP Park use:

NOTE: The Committee may require a plan before granting permission to use
the venue. Please provide an
overview of the proposed usage detailing
of activities, infrastructure and equipment being used plus the dimensions of
the area/s required. If a plan or other documentation is required the “upload”
link below may be used to attach copies to this application.

Drag and drop files here or Browse

Vehicle access:
Is vehicle access required to locked or grassed areas?

Please note that parking will NOT be available on the Oval if affected
by prevailing weather conditions so
you will require an alternative!

If YES is selected below additional fields will open for completion.

Local Furniture Hire:
If you wish to hire our chairs or tables for your event/function then select
the YES button below to open extra fields that will allow you to indicate the
quantity required.
Will any additional infrastructure/materials be brought into the site
for the Event/Activity?
If you Select "YES" below additional Fields will
present to enable you to complete the Form.
Event details:
Is any Entertainment and/or other Activities proposed for the Event?
Services required:
Security and First Aid:
Food at the Event/Activity:
Again, if the YES option is chosen more Fields will be available.


If you intend to sell and/or provide alcohol within the bounds of
Country Paradise Parklands during this activity then you must
separately apply for a Permit and comply with the conditions
stipulated by either the City Council or the appropriate State
Government Department i.e., the Office of Licensing & Gaming
Regulation [OLGR].

NB: There is a $25 lodgement fee required by Council.

If the event is a Not For Profit activity or a private function such
as a wedding then complete the GCCC application otherwise you
are required to complete the relevant OLGR document.

After submitting this venue hire enquiry you will be returned to the
Venue Selection page. Please use the Alcohol link (mug of beer image)
on that page to apply for a liquor permit for your Event or activity or
go directly to the "Alcohol" form menu item under Venue Hire on the
Home page.

Application Receipt:
Due to the varied and ongoing use of the park, each application
has to be considered individually
by our team of volunteers.
This will naturally introduce a small lead time
therefore you need
to include lead time for your event or function to avoid disappointment.

On receipt of your application by the management committee an
assessment of the
proposed use and the fees (including a bond)
required from you for the hire of the
nominated Venue will be
communicated to you in writing via email.
Should you have
any questions please contact us via return email.
You may also receive a phone call
from the committee to discuss
relevant details.

In selecting the above button and submitting this Form, you hereby
certify that the
information provided is complete and accurate to the
best of your knowledge. You
acknowledge and agree to abide by the
terms and conditions available through the
links provided in this Form.
In doing so, you acknowledge that CPP's decision in
regard to the use
of the facility is final and failure to abide by these conditions may
to the cancellation of the approval, the denial of future applications,
or other action dictated by the circumstances and according to
the terms set down
by the Gold Coast City Council.

NB: After submitting this form you will receive an email notification sent
to the your nominated email above! If you do not receive confirmation
please make contact with the Secretary using the Contact Form!