Where men become blokes!



 We are a place where men can go to relax and socialise with other men.
You can work on your hobbies, because you no longer have space at home.
We are a place you can come and talk to like- minded men about your interests,
learn new skills or share the skills you aready possess.
Our objectives are to…
(i) Socialise in the company of like- minded men.
(ii) Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests.
(iii) Learn new skills, practice and pass on your skills,
(iv) Promote your own, and other men’s health and well-being,
(v) By their efforts, benefit The Shed and their community.

Located at Country Paradise Parklands, 231 Beaudesert-Nerang Rd., Nerang.
If you have an interest in joining, supporting or donating to our Men’s shed,
or would like more information  email us using the link above left!

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday,Friday & Saturday
8.30am to 12.30pm.
Feel welcome to drop in for a look around, a chat and a cup of tea.




                       Woodwork Shed:

MS Wood1

We have a large woodwork shed that includes many of the machines found
in today’s modern workshops.

It is a workshop safety rule that there must be two people at least present
when any power tools are in use.

There is a large stockroom of small hand held tools, along with an assortment
of screws and nails for your use.

Equipment list: Table saw, Spindle bobbin sander, Table router plus hand held
plunge routers x 2, Composite drop saw x 2, Large table saw, Wood lathe x 3,
Thicknesser/Planer/Jointer, Bandsaw x 2.


With the photo fraternity moving on and the old stables demolished
to make way for the new adventure playground, the vacated half of
the Rivershed has been turned into a new garage and work area for
the Men's shed. Below a couple of the chaps utilizing the space.


  Metalwork Shed:


Not only do we have a woodwork shop, but we also have a small metalwork shop as well.

There are qualified trades people to assist you with the correct, safe usage of the machinery.
They will also assist you with your special project if help is required.

Naturally, we need to be with you initially to make sure that you can handle the equipment
and that you are safe. In that regard, there must be two people in the shed at any time
machinery or welding equipment is being used.

These are some of the machines available: Metal Lathe with a full range of accessories,
Milling machine and vertical drill, Bench drills, Bench grinders & Hand Held Angle Grinders,
MIG, TIG, ARC, & Oxy Acetylene Welders, Plasma Cutter and Air Compressors.


Below - Stewart hard at it in the old metalwork area - since demolished!

MS Metal3

This productive group is a valuable Park contributer .... from a small sign on
the jail to the recentlycompleted timber stage in the Fig Tree precinct!

MS Sign

MS Deck1

Morning tea break for the members!


LED light for the Gallipoli Pine precinct flag pole to illuminate the flag flying after hours.
Donated by the Gold Coast Australia Day Foundation Inc.

MS Flag