Privacy statement:
Gold Coast City Council is collecting your personal information in accordance with the
Local Government Act 2009 in order to assess your application.

The information will only be used by authorized officers for the purpose of verification
ensuring our records are accurate. Your information will not be given to any other
person or
Agency unless you have given us permission or we are required or allowed to by law.

NB: Applications take time to process therefore the earlier you apply for your event the better
however a lodgement minimum of 10 working days prior to the Event is applicable in all cases!

NB: If your Event is a Not For Profit Community activity or a private function such as a
wedding etc. then please complete and submit the following Application.

For ALL other functions where alcohol will be present please use the OLGR link below
to access and complete their application form:


Select this link ..... OLGRbutton



Is the Event/Activity private:*
Is the applicant a Non Profit entity:*
Will the profit be used to benefit the Community:*
Will alcohol be sold/served in an 8 hour period or less between the hours of 0700 and midnight:*
Is the sale of alcohol ancillery to the Event/Activity:*
Applicants Name:*
Date of birth:*

Is a Club or Association benefiting from this Event/Activity:
If YES is chosen there will be additional information required.

Is a third party benefiting from this Event/Activity:*
Name of Club or Association:*
Address of Club or Association:*
Organization type eg., sporting, etc.:*
Will the profits from the sale of alcohol be used to benefit the Club /Association:*

Consumption areas:
Liquor may only be sold and or consumed in defined consumption areas.
Location example: When defining consumption areas, temporary fencing
may be acceptable BUT signage and chalk markings will not be accepted.

Within the boundary of a room or building:*
Temporary fencing:*
Permanent fencing:*
Describe consumption area/s including dimensions:*

Liquor trading hours:
Please advise what the proposed trading/serving times are to be. Include
the day, date and the start and finish times for each session.

Describe trading or serving hours:*

Event/Activity Attendance Details:

Name of Event/Activity:*
Who is the Event open to:*
Estimated attandance:*
Estimated consumers of alcohol:*
Type of entertainment planned:*
Will extra/portable toilets be available:*
Alcohol will be supplied by:*
Who will be serving the alcohol:*
Alcohol will be served in:*
Will food be available during alcohol serving times:*
What type of Security will be provided:*

Security staff if Provided:

How many roaming permit area:
How many stationed at entrance:
Stationed at alcohol serveries:

Important note for all OLGR applicants:

As soon as you receive your OLGR approval for your nominated Event or Activity
you are obliged to forward a copy to the CPP Management committee so that the
processing and confirmation of your booking can be completed!

Thank you for your co-operation.

In checking the box below and submitting this form you hereby certify that the
information provided is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge
and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use as laid down by the City
council and the Park operators.

For above terms Agreement please tick this box:*
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