Country Paradise Parklands Online Venue Booking Form

The community management committee at Country Paradise Parklands [CPP] thanks you
for your interest in
booking one of our special park venues to host your upcoming event
or activity.

If your gathering is just a small group [10 or less total] people utilising certain facilities
[contact Park management if
uncertain] in the park you do not need to make a booking
however it is incumbent upon you to ensure that
there is not already a prior booking for
that facility or location to avoid any conflict etc. All other larger gatherings
will be
to fill out a booking form to obtain the appropriate approvals.

Irrespective of the numbers involved, Park Rules apply in all instances and please note that
all park bookings have a lead
time for approval.

If you intend to bring infrastructure, entertainment or amusement activities into the park
for your event, then you must
make a booking. The equipment operator is to have adequate
Public Liability Insurance.

NB: Please use a desk top PC, ipad or tablet to submit your application. The site
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will NOT produce the desired result at this time!

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Public Liability Insurance & Park Use:

Check on Council's Terms & Conditions here!

Special Overnight Accommodation:

In certain circumstances overnight camping at the Park may be approved by the Council.
If intending to do so
you are required to apply for permission using the next link to open
the correct Council form.Complete the form
and use the Council Departmental link at the
top right had corner to lodge it with the appropriate officers.

Council Application form link here!

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NOTE: The Committee may require a plan before granting permission to use the venue. Please provide an
overview of the proposed usage detailing types of activities,infrastructure and equipment being used plus
the dimensions of the area/s required.

Details here:

Vehicle Access:

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Please specify any infrastructure proposed for the event.

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NB: In all cases, do any Event infrastructures need to be pegged down or driven into the ground e.g., use of star pickets, metal pegs etc :*

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Is liquor to be served for consumption at this event :*

If you intend to sell and/or provide alcohol within the bounds of Country Paradise Parklands during this activity
then you must separately apply for a Permit and comply with the conditions stipulated by either the City Council
or the appropriate State Government Department i.e., the Office of Licensing & Gaming Regulation [OLGR].

If the event is a Not For Profit activity or a private function such as a wedding then complete the GCCC application
otherwise your are required to complete the relevant OLGR document.

NB: After submitting the Venue hire Application you will be returned to the Venue Selection page. Please use the
Alcohol link (mug of beer image) on that page to apply for a liquor permit for your Event or activity.

Car parking:

Is there adequate on site car parking for the event :*

Application Receipt:

Due to the varied and ongoing use of the park, each application has to be considered individually by our team
of volunteers. This will naturally introduce a small lead time governed by circumstance therefore you need to
factor in some lead time for your event or function to avoid disappointment.

Tick the box below to receive a copy of the key items nominated in this Venue Application.This in turn indicates
that the application has been received and is being processed, all going to plan!


On receipt of your application by the management committee an assessment of the proposed use and the fees (including a bond) required from you for the hire of the nominated Venue will be communicated to you in writing via email. Should you have any questions please contact us via return email. You may also receive a phone call from the committee to discuss relevant details.

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In selecting the above button and submitting this Form, you hereby certify that the information provided is complete
and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions available
through the links provided in this Form. In doing so, it is acknowledged that CPP's decision in regard to the use of the
facility is final and failure to abide by these conditions may lead to the cancellation of the approval, the denial of future
permit applications, legal or other action dictated by the circumstances and according to the terms set down by the
Gold coast City Council.

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