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At CPL, we provide disability services and support to help people of all ages to maximise
their potential. From going school or finding a job, accessing the community and social
events, CPL is there wherever life takes you.

CPL Nerang Service Centre is housed within the beautiful Country Paradise Parklands, where
we offer creative, recreational and life skills programs across 7 days of the week.

Learning and seeking out new opportunities is where the magic happens. Whether you’re here
to have fun, meet new people or learn a specific skill, we have a range of programs
you can choose from.

If you would like any further information please check out our monthly calendar of events or
contact us on 0448 077 310 ...... or simply pop in for a visit next time you are in the parklands.


Select this link to see what is happening this month: Nerang_Hub_-_March_19.pdf