G'day - another piece of good news has come to this scribe's attention. The busy volunteers in the
River Keepers' team have been quite active in the back blocks of the Park. For those who have
not taken the time to "walk" the Park, there is or should I say 'was' a quite picturesque section
surrounding an earthern dam complete with a good mix of native flora and fauna in the North
Eastern corner of the site. The next image was snapped some time ago.


01 Dam


And then came the big wet!



As one would imagine, after continuous rain the dam overflowed during which the
excess water found a new path around one side of earthern wall with a good
deal of erosion resulting!

02 Dam 03 Dam

 Many "green fingers" have been busy since to restore and add to this valuable corner of the Parkland.
Check out the gallery of images below supplied by Mark.


RK News



Kathy C & friends have a new local interest focussed on setting up a modest reading resource for those interested in

spending some of their relaxing time with their nose in a good book! From modest beginnings she hopes to garner

interest among licensee members to establish and grow the concept. The books are housed in a modified storage

container in what is now known as the Rivershed (previously known as the old Coffee Shop or Bar precinct).





Check out the operating guidelines Mark 1: