As of the last general meeting the Committee advise that the re-erection of the Rotunda is on the
current Park improvement agenda with a commencement expected in the near future.
There remains some debate ongoing as to the final erection location.

Park venue bookings are steadily on the rise which augers well for a successful 2021.
More general Park events/functions for the Community at large are in the planning phase.

PARKLAND Achievements 2021

                                  Volunteering: acquired 9 volunteers for Gardens, Ground/Maintenance & Office work.

                                  Bamboo eradication

                                  Acquired Hungarian Festival for 2021 and on-going

                                  Acquired Gecko as a School Holiday activity for children.

                                  Increased Community Group bookings: Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation.

                                  Heritage Area: Opened the Gaol, Play House and Parklands Visitor Information Office

                                  Hosted Paws at the Park

                                  Hosted Botanical Bazaar (cancelled opening morning due to Covid restrictions).

                                  Established Mini Sculpture Trail.

                                  Hosted Film Crew on site at Chapel.

                                  Conducted a Tenant Engagement program with the Parklands Community.

                                  Gold Coast Amateur Beekeepers Assn & Native Plants Qld established clubrooms on site.

                                  Removal of accumulated items and litter from grounds and internal areas.

                                  1000 plantings in the Chapel precinct.

                                  Increased communication with key Council personnel.

                                  Set up of Training Room and Meeting Room (for hire) in Reception Building.

                                  Participation with Parklands Strategic Plan.