For quite some time your Committee and Cr. Peter Young, the local member, have been championing
the design and installation of a new adventure playground in the Park on the original Rotunda site
and we are pleased to report that the project has commenced and is proceeding at a good pace.

The River Keepers have garnered community support to save the Rotunda and accordingly the roof
section has been professionally removed to the East of the Oval for future erection and
commissioning as usable undercover space.

The playground area has been fenced off, the old stables removed, new concrete slabs poured and
steel frames for shelters etc. constructed. The old bin site was relocated to the area adjacent to the
toilet building. A small selection of images are included below for your information.
The three screen grabs/artist's impressions
are included courtesy of City of the Gold Coast, Cr. Young
and the Channel 9 Gold Coast News.

The NCPA Inc. AGM held in early December saw a changing of the guard. After a lengthy period of notable
to the park and indeed the community in general all of the committee stood aside and a new crew
have taken the
reins to manage the park in these uncertain Covid times. With the easing of restrictions park
numbers are once
again on track to recover and grow in 2021.
This scribe awaits the news update from the new committee!