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From the Secretary:
First off, a special thanks to those contributors who have provided material for the site whilst I have been engaged on other matters and those who assisted the Committee and I with the many necessary tasks during past months to continue the CPP success story. Never a dull moment as they say!

Earlier this year we secured three groups similar to Skilling Queensland under the banner of the “Traxion Program” (a Registered Training Organization). Group 1 finished in March, Group 2 finished at the end of June and Group 3 has recently started. The work that these girls have done has been fantastic. They have completed the fencing of the Great Walk from the back of the Community Gardens down to the creek and along the bottom fence line of Healing Hooves. Planted up the area around the “Waterfall” overflow from the top dam and assisted Riverkeepers with other works around the park. Once again I would like to thank Stewart from our management Committee and Richard and Mark from Riverkeepers for their help in running this program on behalf of the Nerang Country Paradise Association.

Heritage Buildings – At last we have the funding to complete the final work for these buildings. Work is now underway to connect water and sewer to these buildings and once completed we will be able to finalise plans to open the coffee shop which has been a much talked about and eagerly awaited addition to the complex. We look forward to providing the local community with this new service and trust that community support for the project will be reciprocal. We will spread the word as soon as we can confirm a date!

The old Nerang Jail/aka Police Lockup – This building has now been Heritage listed on the City’s Register which will see it preserved at CPP for future generations. It is well maintained by Park volunteers and it has provided a focus for a number of community. activities.

Refurbishment of the Reception building is nearing completion. The floor covering was replaced with timber veneered panels after the flood damage caused by TC Debbie. The crew from Skilling Qld repainted the walls in more modern colours and we believe the building has taken on a new lease of life and we look forward to a marked increase in bookings accordingly.

A new community group known as Edible Landscapes has become the newest tenant in the park. Some of you may have noticed the treescape works up on the hill, this is where they will be working to create their project.(Ed: integrating vegetables with perennials, shrubs and trees to create a productive garden that looks great)

Preliminary design has commenced on conceptual plans for a ‘nature play’ style of playground. Once we have an acceptable design/proposal it will be circulated for public consumption and feedback before progressing to the next stage of the plan.

Our first public BBQ was meant to be up and running by now however council funding has been delayed. We have been advised that this will still occur and all being well, it should be installed and operational sometime before Christmas. We look forward to christening the hot plate in the near future.

Markets - thanks to Cr Peter Young, we have secured 3 Friday nights with the Design Collective hosting the Friday Food Market on 24th of August, 26th of October and 21st of December.

Til’ next time .... Martin