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CPL – Choice, Passion, Life is the leading provider of integrated support, therapy and advice for people living with a disability in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and their families. We work with our clients at every stage of their lives.

We deliver the very best support, guidance, technology and understanding possible, so people can achieve the things that matter the most to them. We know that given the right opportunities, people can grow beyond expectations and create amazing lives.

CPL's Nerang Service Centre is housed within the beautiful Country Paradise Parklands. We offer a wide range of creative, recreational and life skills programs, every day of the week.

Learning and seeking out new opportunities is where the magic happens. Whether you’re here to have fun, meet new people or learn a specific skill, we have a range of programs you can choose from.

If you would like any further information, please check out our monthly calendar of events or contact us on 1800 275 753.


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