Greetings and salutations to CPP members and our community support base at large. 2017 is on the wane and once again we find ourselves planning for a great Christmas (all being well!) and possibly taking a moment to look back over what was for most of us, a very busy year indeed and from our perspective at the Park, quite a productive one.

There are those amongst our family and friends who have not been so fortunate with health and other issues and we would wish them a speedy recovery and much better fortune in the coming year.

Following the recent AGM most of the existing Committee members were re-elected and the team is looking forward to some rather exciting happenings at the Park in 2018 which we will keep you appraised of through the "news" page on the web site. Don't forget to check out our facebook pages.

On behalf of myself and the Committee we wish you the very best and see you again in the very near future.

President Tim.