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 Formed in 2000 to tackle issues in Kirkendale Environmental Park Nerang i.e., weed infestation and the dumping of residential rubbish.
The group has planted over 10,000 trees and removed sections of the weed infestation from the middle Nerang River.

It later moved to Hurst Park to tackle the weed infestation of Cats Claw and Madeira vine and at the present time it is working in Burt Swift Park, NAMU and Crane Creeks
along with the Friends of Crane Creek and Gold Coast City Catchment
Management Unit.


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 Nerang Riverkeepers Annual Report - 2015

2015 has been a special year for the Nerang Riverkeepers, our hard work and some dollops of dogged determination has resulted in us being able to achieve some long held dreams, plans and projects in 2015, although in all honesty it must be said the majority of the outcomes would not have been possible without some special people, a bunch of great connections and the support of generous sponsors, our hard working Councillor [ Tracey Gilmore] and City of the Gold Coast whom assisted us make our dreams and plans become a solid reality.

Country Paradise Parklands

 [Picture of the causeway taken from the first Biggest Planting 2012 and again in August 2015]


A quick look in the mirror of the year past and years past.

Community hours spent at Country paradise by Riverkeepers and community:

Riverkeeper weekly work program at CPP -2015  2940hrs
Gold coast Biggest Tree planting -2015 [320 participants x average of 5 hours each]  1725hrs
2015 hours total spent on CPP projects  4665hrs
Total number of new plantings Country Paradise Parklands 2015 - 17000 to 20000 plants  
Hours working on CPP projects since 2012  
                                          2012    345hrs
                                          2013  2104hrs
                                          2014  2889hrs
Total hours GCBTP 2013 event 160 people x 5 hours    800hrs     
2014 GCBTP event 325 people x 5 hours  1625hrs
Total community hours spent at Country Paradise Parklands- 2012/2015 12428hrs
Total number of plant planted 2012/ 2015  -  50000 approx.  
[These hours do not include works at Swift Park Batten Reserve]  

2012                 Wetlands Country Paradise Parklands                2015


Swift Park - Riverkeepers & NAMU



Another great year at Swift Park on a long 5 year plus restoration program retreiving the riperian area from being a wall of cats claw , morning glory and numerous oter exotic weeds  replanting as we went . Sadly our work on this area will be completed this year 2017 but  the results speak for themselves   our special thanks  to the team from NAMU.

Total hours - 252.                      Total plant numbers 2015 - 4050

Gold Coasts Biggest Tree Planting Day 2015 – Country Paradise Parklands




• 12300 plus tube stock planted
• 90 cu m of mulch spread
• 320 plus community participants
• 12 plus environmentally focused  stalls
• Sponsorship  by local businesses
• The family orientation  of the event
• Live music  during the day [ Leopold’s Retreat]
• No plastic water bottles
• Wildlife shows
• Free Bunning’s BBQ
• All done and dusted by 1.00 pm and pack up by 3.30 pm


Nerang Riverkeepers .......

Queensland Landcare - Community Group for 2015


Pretty awesome award and we were more than surprised at the acknowledgement , but it would not have been possible without the support of so many - volunteers /  community / the resident groups of the parklands  / Our Councillor- Tracey Gilmore / Bunnings / Leopold’s Retreat/  City  of the Gold Coast   -CMU / Regen Australia /Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre / Natura Pacific  and some truly  special people - Council Officer -Kris Boody - Naomi Edwards[ Superwoman]  and the core Riverkeepers crew -Richard Anderson – Amie Badke –Neil Badke – Wazza and our best mate- Mickey [ purveyor of biscuits] 

The Riverkeepers Nursery:



We have been  hard at work down at the nursery and have had to expand its footprint to an area we through would not be required till 2017, it now houses approx 50000 tube stock, we have installed an irrigation system    [ not completed but 90% usable]  and a number of new benches for the 2015 year . The Nursery has also made some great connections Arthur Gorrie Correction Centre/ Regen Australia  and it has enable us to share our plant stock  and home base with other restoration organizations  and to also given us the opportunity to support environmental groups striving to restore the Gold Coasts precious environment by supplying them with native tubestock at no cost.

The Chapel:

Marvellous what the dedication of one dedicated individual can achieve [ Carol Anderson] with a little assistance when required , from dust bowl to a green little oasis, the gardens around the chapel are coming of age and pretty now but a little further down the track they will be spectacular.


Bugs at the Parkland:

[Ever wondered- what goes on in those green houses? -Well the Riverkeepers are part of a bio control program]
Cat’s claw creeper is currently a target for biological control!



Cat’s claw creeper is an environmental weed predominately found along waterways. It is a declared environmental weed as it smothers native vegetation and in turn can cause further impacts including channel instability issues and a decline in water quality. You may have seen it form dense mats on forest floors! The wide spread impacts calls for action, which is why with the help of Biosecurity Queensland, City of Gold Coast and SEQ Catchments, we are coordinating a biocontrol program: Bug on creepy creeper.
A leaf-mining jewel beetle Hylaeogena jureceki has been approved for field release, which are distributing across the Gold Coast area over the next three years – forming a regional approach. The tingid bug Carvalhotingis visenda and the moth Hypocosmia pyrochroma have also been released and is causing positive visible effects in some areas. We have prepared an information package to help inform and encourage community members to get involved. Please download the Bug on creepy creeper info sheet and contact us to get your own package!

New Riverkeeper Initiatives 2015:

We have been fortunate enough become engaged  with Queensland Corrective Services both with the Integrated  Offender Management System and a day work program from the Numinbah  Correction Centre , while in the beginning we were skeptical of this venture as the year has unfolded we have come to realize what great programs these are , we have enjoyed the numerous people that have passed through our door and all have been good people with high work ethics and a boon not only to the Riverkeepers program  but the parklands as a whole . Thank you Corrective Services.

With 2015 done and dusted and the 2016 year here it’s time to look to the future, we are just one or two steps from competing  the five year plan we set out in 2013 as where to from here ? We have in the last 12 months done some considerable future planning that has involved a number of parties and programs and will take us right trough 2016/ to 2018  and beyond.

• The Great Walk-stages 1 the Rotunda run  -2 Abby road  and Dire 3 Straights
• The horse trough [coffee creek]
• Mitigation plans to alleviate  water inundation at the site  
• New gardens in and around the Rotunda
• Work plans to commence on beautification of  entry drives  
• Improvements to the nursery   
• Spreading our ever growing donated mulch pile [ I can see it from my place 2 kilometres from the Park]

So there is still plenty to do and much to be achieved and plenty of sweat to be lost and a few grey hairs to be had from working to mix overlapping element together but some great plans to guide us into the future.   Cheers ...Mark T