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 The Nerang Community Garden aims to provide their members and the Community with an ecologically friendly and sustainable opportunity to grow healthy and organic vegetables and fruit in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, creating friendship and social interaction.

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Postal address: PO Box 2987 Nerang BC QLD 4211.

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Welcome to our April 2016 update:
It has been on our agenda for some time to supplement our water supply and recently we brought in a drilling team to do just that. We are pleased to advise that a good supply of water has indeed been located and tests are currently being conducted to ensure  that it is suitable for our needs.

Bore1 Bore2


Our team has also been busy in organizing the new concrete pathways and wheel chair access to the site as the attached images will attest

Path3 Path2


CG2a CG3a



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Well that is 2016 out the door & welcome to 2017:
The troops are into new projects already and the new back driveway has just been completed.
 Driveway1 Driveway2 



 Followed by some nice conviviality and fraternity!